Media Log part 2

A Day Tracking My Media Usages

  1. This day for me media usage wise was slightly atypical just due to the fact that I had to log all of my media. This made me want to use it less then normal. I did my best to make it a typical Thursday, and since I have work there is a chunk of time where I do not have any media exposure (except for the music over the loudspeakers).
  2. The most prevalent source of media in my day was Snapchat with it occurring almost every hour.
  3. The time periods of high usage were my open hours (1,5,6) and after work where I was on it constantly.
  4. I never really had more than one source of media coming at me at one time, as I am not usually on my phone during class time.
  5. I am overwhelmingly an Audience more than I am a Speaker.
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Dominant American values

Mr.Clean: “Cleaner of your dreams”

Shows Nostalgia because Mr. Clean is an American icon from the days of black and white TV. Also it appeals to equality because it has the man cleaning which is not his stereotypical role, and the text says ” Get you a man who loves to clean.” The intended audience is anyone who needs to clean and is single. It successfully targets this audience with the above stated title text.

Proactive: Towel Drop

Material comfort, Appeals to the want to be acne free which is a material comfort. Also Science because the commercial states that proactive is scientifically proven to reduce breakouts. The intended audience is teenagers who have acne and want a clean face.

Wendy’s: Cold Storage

This ad shows Nostalgia with the old hit song “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner, which is widely recognized. Also the ad shows Material Comfort by claiming that Wendy’s only uses the fresh beef. This ad targets all who eat fast food, while also appealing to those who want a fresh meal.



Generation Z

Source 1

Williams, Alex. “Move over, Millennials, here comes Generation Z.” New York Times. 18 Sept. 2015. Web. 12 Feb 2017.

Gen Z’ers are similar to Millennials but are much less entitled and have much more cynicism toward politics. Credible source (NYT) big print and online media organization, renound for journalism

  • Gen Z is much more “eyes wide open” then Millennials
  • More concerned with privacy
  • Diversity isn’t considered a goal it’s a reality for Gen Z
  • Gen Z’s parents are Gen X a very jaded and cynical generation, this lends itself to a cynicism not seen in the Baby Boomers or their offspring Millennials.

Source 2

Scott, Ryan. “Get ready for Generation Z.” 28 Nov. 2016. Web. 12 Feb. 2017.

Generation Z has much in common with their parents Generation X, the cynicism of politics and the guardedness of insecure times. However they have much more technology and are much more diverse then previous generations.

  • Gen Z has never known a world without smartphones and technology, advertising has changed to appeal to the shortened attention span of Millennials and Gen Zers
  • Gen Z is less likely to post anything on their social media having seen and heard stories about how a posts have disqualified them from jobs.
  • Gen Z has grown up with an African American president and will continue to become less white.


Prefer privacy in social media to posting about every detail of their lives.

They have a much more financial savvy, due to seeing the housing bubble burst.

They are more culturally diverse, which leads to a greater exposure to different opinions


They don’t know a world without technology

They have very short attention spans

They are not as content with the status quo

Greatest Contributing Factors to the Identity of Generation Z

Barack Obama

The Housing Bubble bursting

The War on Terror



Generation like

Consider “likes” as a currency or a personal validation and empowerment and what it means for yourself and people of your generation to be “liked”. What are the rewards and/or dangers of placing value on “likes” and potential “fame” on social media?

Placing “likes” as the currency  of your validation can have various effects on your life. For instance the group of kids in the Generation Like video were simply looking for likes and the more likes they have the better they feel or the more “friends” they have. If they then don’t get those likes that can lead to the opposite response.

Consider companies using the social media on your generation to promote products. Some might say you’re being used; some might talk about selling out; what do you think?

I think that the consumer is responsible for knowing if they are getting played by a company. People need to know how to determine whether a source is credible or not.

Most Liked

This was the gofa dodgeball tournament two years ago

The people who liked it where my friend group

This was special because it was with some of my best friends

Pretty much to humiliate peter hansel because our pool all went 1-1 and it was decided by rock paper scissors and peter didn’t put anything out. Can you tell im still upset?


Stone, Brad. “Uber hires NASA veteran as it explores technology of flying cars.” 06 Feb. 2017. Web. 08 Feb. 2017

This article was how NASA engineer Matt Moore moved to Uber after publishing a white paper on the feasibility of flying cars. Uber’s vision is that you would take a traditional Uber to a docking bay and then fly to the docking bay closest to your destination. This source ( is reliable as they are a widespread news source that reports consistently on stories well. The author, Brad Stone, is a graduate of Columbia University and is a Senior Executive Editor at Bloomberg News so he is a credible author. Our class has been talking about credibility recently in class and the need to be able to interpret bias and click bait from actual news. This article isn’t overtly biased and has a listed author who is credible.

Wong, Raymond. “Apple rumored to remove even more buttons on the new Iphone.” 08 Feb. 2017. Web. 08 Feb. 2017.

This article described how, acording to their reports, Apple is planning on not having any buttons at all on the new Iphone 8. They would be replaced with heat sensors, thus helping to waterproof the phone. Mashable is a tech site however in this article the author doesn’t list is source for the announcement and this is a big blow to his credibility as there is no way to verify his statements. The author himself is the senior tech editor at Mashable but besides that he has no other work experience so he is not a very credible source. All in all this article is remarkable in that it puts for some big claims but has nothing to back them up. This article in contrast to the one above is what the credibility education is for, there is no reason to trust this article as it has nothing to back it up.