Youtube in 2016

  1. DudePerfect
  2. CGP Grey
  3. Crash Course


YouTube is many things to many people, to some YouTube is a platform to view music, to others it’s where they find the latest in pop culture videos (from Vines to the latest episode of Last Week Tonight). For me YouTube is where I go if I want to learn something, I have spent countless nights in front of the computer screen listening to Crash Course teach me how to do Chemistry for my AP Chem class or help me analyze a book for AP Lit. I also have used YouTube for entertainment, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, CGP Grey, all of these videos are quite entertaining with the first two being satirical comedy and the later for random strange occurrences in the world. My brother Jacob uses YouTube to watch hockey highlights of the games that happened the previous evening.  So to answer the question, I would say YouTube is a ubiquitous video sharing service that has an almost infinite reach to everyone based on what they want to see.


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