Pop music Part 1

Pop Music is the music that is most listened to now, it permeates the consciousness of America and is our biggest export. On the radio pop music is played and what is played on the radio is what determines what is pop music, the DJ’s on the radio have an immense amount of control over what becomes the “Next Big Hit.” Shows like the Daily Countdown with Carson Daly have a section where they play songs that the host likes and this “suggestion” is what fuels the next month of pop music. What makes pop music pop is that it is by definition popular so it has to appeal to a broad and diverse audience so most of the music you hear isn’t by old artists and is more inclined to be from someone who has established themselves in the pop music world. The Billboard Top 100 has had a JT song in it for as long as I can remember, by virtue of this it is very hard for an unknown artist to make it into the top 20. This is a complaint of some people but most people who dislike pop music seem to dislike it because it isn’t like the music they grew up with. For example, I grew up with my dad listening to old 70’s and 80’s bands so I really enjoy music from that era, where as I am not a fan of more poppy music or rap music. On the other hand both of my siblings really like rap music which is probably from their friends.


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