Ownership in the 21st Century

Van Thillo, Christian. “Using Copyright Laws to Protect Free Speech.” Politico.eu. 23 March 2017. Web. 23 March 2017

Some of the issues of “ownership ” in the 21st century are original content, and how to insert yourself in the story without just taking someone else’s original content for your own. In the Ted Talk we watched Mark Ronson talked about how he viewed taking someones content and adapting it to put his own personality in the music. “So Miley Cyrus, who wasn’t even born yet when “La Di Da Di” was made, and neither were any of the co-writers on the song, has found this song that somehow etched its way into the collective consciousness of pop music, and now, with its timeless playfulness of the original, has kind of translated to a whole new generation who will probably co-opt it as their own.” Miley Cyrus has made her hit “Can’t Stop” using lyrics from a song that was made before she was born. She inserted herself into the narrative by using it but completly flipped it around and you almost can’t tell that it’s the same song. On the flip side in the article featuring, ironicly, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars in their own copyright battle over Mars’ hit song “Uptown Funk” Mars and Ronson lost their lawsuit and had to pay the Gap Band royalties because of the similarities of the bass patern in the song. Ownership in the 21st century is difficult because of the large amount of digital media which is really easy to take from, and also from the fact that your experiences shape what you are so anything that you can create is based off of those experiences so is anything original anymore.


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