The Playlist

1) “Something Just Like This”-The Chainsmokers, Coldplay- 2017-pop

2)”Lord  Tullamore”-Carl Wittrock- 2001-classical

3)”Footloose”- Kenny Loggins-1984-80s rock

4)”Twentytwofourteen”-The Album Leaf-2004-edm

5)”Jupiter from The Planets”-Gustav Holst-2015-classical

6)”If You Could See Me Now”-The Script-2012-Alt rock

7)”Ophelia”-The Lumineers-2016-alternative

8)”Till I Collapse”-Eminem-2002-rap

9)”Monsters”-Imagine Dragons-2012-alr rock

10)”Centuries”-Fall Out Boy-2015-alternative

This music is representive of my listening. As an audience I receive pop, rock, alternative, alt rock, and classical music. My classical music taste is the most recent I started listening to it when I joined high school band, listening to recordings was a requirement and I found that I enjoyed the genre because it relaxed me. Alternative is a genre I like simply because it’s a deviation from the norm of pop music it surprises you with melodies and rhythms that you normally wouldn’t here and also concepts that are sung about are different from pop. I enjoy rock simply because I’m a drumme and the drums are always strong in rock music, plus it’s good pump up. Pop is just something I consume as part of the contemporary media.



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