Social Media Activism

Khan-Ibarra, Sabina. “The case for social media and hashtag activism.” Huffington Post. 13 Nov. 2014. Web. 10 March 2017.

Velasco, Hailey. “Six South Side Teens Spark Activism Using Social Media.” Medill Reports Chicago. 7 March 2017. Web. 11 March 2017.

In both of these cases the movement was started on social media, where their cause was posted and received thousands of likes/re-tweets in a very short period of time. Before social media neither of these causes, especially the second one, would have gotten very large. In the second article the teens created a daughter organization to BLM called Youth for Black Lives. They used Facebook and Twitter to reach a larger audience which in turn lent their cause greater credibility. In the era before social media if six teens wanted to be activists they wouldn’t be able to start a movement let alone be large players in one. The advent of social media has allowed anyone who has a cause to post about it and gain awareness. The big question is whether those likes/re-tweets turn into people at rallies or donations to the cause.


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