Media Log part 2

A Day Tracking My Media Usages

  1. This day for me media usage wise was slightly atypical just due to the fact that I had to log all of my media. This made me want to use it less then normal. I did my best to make it a typical Thursday, and since I have work there is a chunk of time where I do not have any media exposure (except for the music over the loudspeakers).
  2. The most prevalent source of media in my day was Snapchat with it occurring almost every hour.
  3. The time periods of high usage were my open hours (1,5,6) and after work where I was on it constantly.
  4. I never really had more than one source of media coming at me at one time, as I am not usually on my phone during class time.
  5. I am overwhelmingly an Audience more than I am a Speaker.
  6. new-piktochart_20339660_e163bba1cf2f3e48a7c88143b3b6acde0bcaaf4c

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