Dominant American values

Mr.Clean: “Cleaner of your dreams”

Shows Nostalgia because Mr. Clean is an American icon from the days of black and white TV. Also it appeals to equality because it has the man cleaning which is not his stereotypical role, and the text says ” Get you a man who loves to clean.” The intended audience is anyone who needs to clean and is single. It successfully targets this audience with the above stated title text.

Proactive: Towel Drop

Material comfort, Appeals to the want to be acne free which is a material comfort. Also Science because the commercial states that proactive is scientifically proven to reduce breakouts. The intended audience is teenagers who have acne and want a clean face.

Wendy’s: Cold Storage

This ad shows Nostalgia with the old hit song “Cold as Ice” by Foreigner, which is widely recognized. Also the ad shows Material Comfort by claiming that Wendy’s only uses the fresh beef. This ad targets all who eat fast food, while also appealing to those who want a fresh meal.




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