Generation Z

Source 1

Williams, Alex. “Move over, Millennials, here comes Generation Z.” New York Times. 18 Sept. 2015. Web. 12 Feb 2017.

Gen Z’ers are similar to Millennials but are much less entitled and have much more cynicism toward politics. Credible source (NYT) big print and online media organization, renound for journalism

  • Gen Z is much more “eyes wide open” then Millennials
  • More concerned with privacy
  • Diversity isn’t considered a goal it’s a reality for Gen Z
  • Gen Z’s parents are Gen X a very jaded and cynical generation, this lends itself to a cynicism not seen in the Baby Boomers or their offspring Millennials.

Source 2

Scott, Ryan. “Get ready for Generation Z.” 28 Nov. 2016. Web. 12 Feb. 2017.

Generation Z has much in common with their parents Generation X, the cynicism of politics and the guardedness of insecure times. However they have much more technology and are much more diverse then previous generations.

  • Gen Z has never known a world without smartphones and technology, advertising has changed to appeal to the shortened attention span of Millennials and Gen Zers
  • Gen Z is less likely to post anything on their social media having seen and heard stories about how a posts have disqualified them from jobs.
  • Gen Z has grown up with an African American president and will continue to become less white.


Prefer privacy in social media to posting about every detail of their lives.

They have a much more financial savvy, due to seeing the housing bubble burst.

They are more culturally diverse, which leads to a greater exposure to different opinions


They don’t know a world without technology

They have very short attention spans

They are not as content with the status quo

Greatest Contributing Factors to the Identity of Generation Z

Barack Obama

The Housing Bubble bursting

The War on Terror




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