Generation like

Consider “likes” as a currency or a personal validation and empowerment and what it means for yourself and people of your generation to be “liked”. What are the rewards and/or dangers of placing value on “likes” and potential “fame” on social media?

Placing “likes” as the currency  of your validation can have various effects on your life. For instance the group of kids in the Generation Like video were simply looking for likes and the more likes they have the better they feel or the more “friends” they have. If they then don’t get those likes that can lead to the opposite response.

Consider companies using the social media on your generation to promote products. Some might say you’re being used; some might talk about selling out; what do you think?

I think that the consumer is responsible for knowing if they are getting played by a company. People need to know how to determine whether a source is credible or not.


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